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Did you know OrcaSound Hotel in Rigaud Quebec has a spa on site? Located between Montreal and Ottawa, the exit 17 off the highway 40. Situated near Hudson, Saint Lazare and a short drive from Vaudreuil and the West Island. This Rigaud spa offers 7 different kinds of massages; Swedish Massage, Therapeutic Massage, Hot Shell Massage, Couples Massage, Reflexology Hands & Feet, Lymphatic drainage and Deep tissue Massage. There is surely a massage for you. The Swedish Massage is a relaxation massage designed to dissolve tension and improve Blood Circulation. The Therapeutic Massage is a targeted massage for  painful parts of the body and to relax muscles, knots, and to relieve tension. The Hot Shell Massage is a deep muscle relaxation massage which is calming and has a detoxifying effect. The Couples Massage is a relaxing massage in the same room. The Reflexology massage is a therapy practiced on the reflex organs to revive their energetic power and improve their functions. The Lymphatic Drainage massage is a gentle massage technique to stimulate the lymphatic system and detoxify the body while strengthening the immune system. The Deep Tissue Massage focusses on chronic areas. Strong pressure and slow movements are applied for relief from muscle adhesions. Come experience SpaOrca, a relaxing ambiance and a professional atmosphere. You won’t be disappointed!

Call us to inquire about our Spa Packages which include a jacuzzi room and turn your relaxing day into a weekend full of rest.

If you are looking for a Rigaud Spa book your appointment today by calling us at The OrcaSound Hotel. Reservations must be made a minimum of forty eight hours in advance. Phone number: 450-458-7779

OrcaSound Hotel  & SpaOrca

93 Montee Lavigne, Rigaud, J0P 1P0, QC



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